Key Digipad is a tool that lets you put your words, thoughts and ideas into your smartwatch. It lets you enter short text inputs. The goal is to make the Gear into a smartwatch that is productive and most importantly, not just a companion device. It is envisioned and developed in the future to be integrated for note taking, todo list or photo-and-caption app... and other apps that makes use of text inputs using the Gear as a standalone device without the limitations of prediction models or spelling correctors.

It is designed based on the 12-button keypad, fitted for convenience into the size of your fingertip. You can swipe to navigate through the whole keypad, and tap on the buttons. It can be switched to from lowercase to uppercase characters, symbols or numeric inputs. It has newline and delete buttons.

If tapping the same button, it takes a delay of 800ms to switch from a character to another found on the same button. If the 800ms expires, the caret moves one character to the right.

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