Rote learning is leading to unemployable educated youth! Many students who perform good in academics, fail to score well in competitive exams.


Because, students are not introduced to skills needed for competitive exams at the right age. So, it is important to understand what skills they are lacking at and try to improve them.

We gamified learning of skills like cognitive, logical reasoning and problem solving into "KettleMind - Brain Games & Cognitive Training".

What it does

KettleMind is a fun and interactive brain training application that helps in assessing and upgrading key cognitive skills, and logical reasoning skills.

It is a pack of 23 games categorized under following 6 skills.

  • Memory
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Problem Solving
  • Visual
  • Focus
  • Language

Students can practice, check their progress on daily basis with statistics, challenge their friends and family with multi-player.

KettleMind is available as an app for download from Google Play Store. Here is the link: [link]

How I built it

  • Used Construct2 tool
  • 5 games out of 23 selected games have images and we couldn't load them in construct2. Hence resorted to cocos2d.
  • Developed 21 games in cocos2d
  • Packaged them into a single container
  • Added Facebook Login and Google Login options.

Challenges I ran into

  • Image assets loading issues when construct2 was used.
  • Pixelization problem

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Having interviewed thousands of students, teachers, educationalists.
  • Currently, the school teacher is supposed to assume that the child already knows say subtraction and all instruction, teaching materials and exercises are based on this assumption holding true. But we found that this is untrue for majority of students. Children continue to fall further behind every year.Now using KettleMind, we could assess where the child is, and not where an overambitious curriculum expects them to be. Able to assess key cognitive skills within 20 - 30 mins per student without the need for a specialized instructor that too in a gamified manner!

What I learned

  • Got to know the roots of why students resort to rote learning.
  • Jobless growth and why unemployment is more in educated youth (A case we observed in India and holds good in few other countries).

What's next for KettleMind - Brain Skills & Cognitive Assessment

  • Publish KettleMind as Facebook Instant games
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