Feel the BERN when you run this kernel.

What it does

It is a kernel, that has a memory manager, graphics library, and simple shell. Because it is a kernel, it runs DIRECTLY on the CPU, all in ring 0. We implemented this kernel entirely from scratch, without the use of any libc.

How we built it

We wrote it in C, and debugged with qemu

Challenges we ran into

x86, real mode, vga mode, memory management, a filesystem, keyboard interrupts,

Accomplishments that we're proud of

it boots on hardware, and can actually be used for some casual gaming

What we learned

a lot about memory management, as well as some magic CPU bits

What's next for Kernel Sanders

The White House

Built With

  • c
  • qemu
  • x86
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posted an update

Before this Hackathon, I didn't know anything about operating systems. I've always had to do my work by changing the flow of eddy currents in the upper atmosphere, causing momentary pockets of higher pressure air to form. The air then acts as lenses that deflect cosmic rays striking a platter in the exact bit I was attempting to write to. But now, I am a proud user of Red Star Linux, the official Linux distribution of the People's Democratic Republic of North Korea.

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