Providing the opportunity for customers to add last minute items at check-out, similar to the in-store experience, at the time of kerbside pick-up. The need for enabling a composable solution for brands to drive incremental revenue from high margin products through effective product placement for impulse shopping at checkout.

What it does

Provides a new purchase moment, previously lost through omnichannel purchases.
Brands are able to implement this new kerbside pick-up solution quickly and cost effectively, across any commerce platform.

How we built it

Custom backend application written in Javascript utilizing the Node.js framework, and hosted on Heroku. This handles customer management, authorization of customer via JWT, fetching of upsell products, email notification(s) through Sendgrid, and portions of the checkout interactions with Bold Checkout. BigCommerce was used as the ecommerce platform. Custom frontend application written in Javascript utilizing the React framework, and hosted on Netlify. This handles all visual customer facing interactions, along with payment pre-processing and pre-authorization through Bold Checkout of the customers order.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the team had no prior experience using Bold Commerce and BigCommerce APIs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The teams at Bold Commerce and Knit Agency were able to create API's that didn't exist prior to the project and can now be leveraged and is now GA for Bold headless Checkout. The teamwork across development and project deliverables allowed for a two-week turnaround to get this project live.

What we learned

The power of Bold Checkout and being able to develop a fully-custom checkout experience. How seamless it was to plug the Bold headless Checkout into the BigCommerce platform. The importance of a dedicated, creative and responsive team, focused on delivering the solution.

What's next for Kerb-Up

Personalization of options presented to the customer at time of kerbside pick-up. Brand management’s ability to push the order into the in-store POS

Instructions for "Try it out" link:

Preview Code when accessing is: ic0t0kdsns For test credit card use: 4111 1111 1111 1111, Expiration date: anytime in the future CVV: any three digit number

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