Kepul application, is an application that seeks to optimize the sale and purchase of waste that can be recycled. This application is used by people who want to sell trash, and also used by collectors. The collectors are those who make a living by buying garbage from the community, then the waste is sold back to large collectors, or garbage recycling plants. They usually use pedicabs or motorbikes to look around for people who want to sell trash. Not all garbage can be sold and bought by collectors, there are several categories of waste that can be accepted by collectors, such as plastics, paper, bottles, copper, and other non-organic waste that have a sale value if recycled.

The way of the community in collecting garbage, has become big potential in the creation of this application. The difficulty of finding collectors is also a problem faced by the community, besides the collectors also face other problems, such as traveling around the day, without knowing who will sell the trash to them. wasted time and fuel oil spent searching for people who want to sell their waste. Based on the problem, Kepul's application is present to connect them in the hand, by internet-connected gadgets and integrated with GPS. Application users can find collectors who are around the user's residence, and at that time they can make trash sale transactions, really effective and efficient usefulness of the Kepul application.

Not only oriented to business, the application of Kepul was born because of the founders concern on an unhealthy environment, due to a pile of unprocessed waste, even though that can make money if it is recycled. Kepul Corporation strives to provide social impact for the community, in addition to providing convenience for the people and collectors. The founders also wish to create a beautiful, healthy, beautiful environment and the creation of new jobs.

In addition, there is a feature in the Kepul Application call “market place”. That is specifically gallery for waste recycled items, in the form of skill works such as hand bags, pencil boxes, places to eat and others made from plastic waste. creation of housewives, who are skilled at using plastic waste to be used as useful goods. This activity is also a community empowerment program initiated by Kepul Corporation. With this market place feature, Kepul Corporation helps the craftsmen to market their products to be known and bought by the public.

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