The release of Wormhole V2 has revolutionized how cross-chain swaps are done and has inspired my team to make a mulit-chain relayer that simplifies the original Wormhole V2 user interface into one that is straightforward, seamless and intuitive, allowing users to easily make cross-chain swaps.

What it does

A simple idea that strives to give users a seamless experience, Kepler Aggregator is a multi-chain relayer that enables cross-chain swaps to be done quickly and efficiently. Our team at Kepler has managed to reduce the number of steps taken to perform a swap through a simplified and intuitive interface.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting multiple wallets was one of the major hindrances our team faced. We wanted to support multiple chains, however the various wallets were always in conflict with each other. A different wallet would try to auto-connect when the application was initialized. This gave rise to inconsistency in the “Connect Wallet” button’s functionality.

Webpack 5 was another bottleneck to our progress. Since our react application was bootstrapped with the latest webpack, numerous modules were no longer supported by default. While some modules were obsolete, others were crucial to our application; such as the node.js core modules. We had to spend hours online looking for work arounds to solve issues related to webpack 5. That in and of itself was a major challenge as it was a new update and many faced similar problems, but few had answers.

Coding an entire application in Typescript was an uphill task as none of us were proficient in the language. Our knowledge of Javascript helped us greatly to flatten the learning curve. Nonetheless, we were still unfamiliar with the syntax and the structures of the language. This was a painstaking process, yet it helped us to acquire skills and knowledge in a language we were unfamiliar with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team has managed to simplify cross-chain swaps to what we believe has the most seamless UI and effortless UX!

What we learned

Since the current USP of our product is a simple UIUX that is easy to interact with, we had many iterations of the product and initially faced difficulty finding a way to optimize user experience. We learnt a lot about the importance of a simple and intuitive design that enables users to navigate without instruction.

Additionally, as a team who's new to the ecosystem, we had to get familiar with typescript syntax.

What's next for Kepler Aggregator

Our team at Kepler Aggregator plans to expand the scope of our product by supporting more chains. Additionally, we want to implement cross-chain smart routing to enable users to find the most value-for-money and efficient way to send tokens from one chain to another! E.g. Solana > Avalanche > Ethereum

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