Provide new idea to improve tourism in KE region.

What it does

Webb app shows you points of interests (historical landmarks) in KE region in Slovakia. They are represented as markers on the Google Map. You can filter these Markers and click on them to receive additional information. As you are choosing your landmarks, there is route being created for you to follow it, so you do not miss out on anything!

How we built it

Overnight, with help of Google Maps API and local region's data.

Challenges we ran into

GoogleMaps documentation, FireBase set up and REST API and last but not least, world's most beloved vanilla Javascript

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of actually delivering some sort of final demo app despite this being our first team-project.

What we learned

Setting up FireBase RealTime DB, Working with multiple REST open APIs, reading and finding information in Google Maps API documentation, Async/await principle in JS.

What's next for KEnRoute

Expand to other regions this web app can be applied to.

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