I have been enjoying the Music Business since late 1990's and so on I kept the idea of help other artist create their own independent record label so they can maximize the options for collecting royalties.

What it does

Basically the app creates a user profile so the user can interact with it. It takes all Artist's Music Album and autogenerate a Karaoke Album to be monetized as NFT on the OpenSea market. Also offer a free NFT creator platform using AI to auto replicate a minimum of 10,000 copies. It will be the first NFT collection an artist will promote on the NFT Market.

How we built it

OpenAI has been my tool to create all this code into 1 platform willing to become an APP

Challenges we ran into

Monetizacion and Administration

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To create new art from previos artistic creations using AI to enhance the experience.

What we learned

We learn how to interact with experts in every single topic to give the best solution for our customers creating reddit comunity r/KenniVelez so we can share an collaborate with other developers and get the right path.

What's next for Kenni Velez Records AI INC

Promote the first Latin America AI Artist and hit the charts.

Built With

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