Inspired by 30 Rock's Kenneth Parcell, Kenneth & Me is a meticulous, tireless and considerate assistant that ensures that your preset tasks are taken care of. You can set up your weekly delivery of groceries, takeway deliveries when you're so busy you forget to eat, or even turn on the A/C when a heat wave is predicted.

Kenneth & Me is for those with hectic lives on that really don't need to be bogged down by tedious chores. Let Kenneth & Me know what you want to buy, your favorite restaurants, or whether you prefer your house to be a sauna on a rainy day or a freezer on a windy one. You can set it as a one-off or a repeating event, and see all Kenneth & Me's tasks on a simple-to-use calendar.

An hour before a designated task, Kenneth & Me will discretely text you to check if you still want your weekly dosage of General Tso's. Confirm, and Kenneth & Me will sort it out. Ignore, and Kenneth & Me will patiently wait for its next assignment.

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