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While building Kennect, we came across many gaps in various businesses which had that kept them from fully utilizing the potential of their data-resources as well as deprived of automations that they could easily achieve and start gathering more data.

KBET Enables our client-businesses to collect and disburse dynamic data to achieve excellence in a very flexible way. Business-analysts can build dynamic forms (example. With dynamic dropdowns from company's datasets) and save dynamic information collected from their users in MongoDB, create views over the collected data and also link it to live dashboards to share insights. These dashboards can be easily built and composed with charts/tables/mini-surveys which display their data in an actionable manner to the stakeholders. The combination of this 2-way data flow with minimum barriers enables businesses to achieve more productivity in their ad-hoc workflows and helps gather all the important minute details about their business for analysis.

Problem solved

We wanted to take away the technical complexity involved in existing tools that the businesses used, the lack inter operability of data and problems in integrations between different systems. We offer a complete data-storage included solution as well as flexible and composable insights over the data for the business-clients.


A few Challenges we ran into were, Determining the trade between two types of interfaces we designed for our business-clients

  1. one with flexibility of imperative interfaces which has infinite possibilities to the use cases over a wide spectrum, like having javascript to configure the system itself.
  2. one with simplicity of predictible declaritive interfaces we built for our business users to create compositions over insights as well as questions in forms. We chose to create a declarative interface because by limiting the flexibility we gained simplicity in what we can offer. Plus, MongoDB's aggregation pipelines are declarative anyways, It is allowing us to easily have Graphical interfaces to reduce technical declarations that the user has to write.


We are able to serve 10K+ users and 10+ major Pharmaceutical clients to use approximately 200+ Insightful Dashboards and forms. Deployed so far in last 6 months.


What we learned is that Declarative pipeline apis of mongodb aggregation are very useful and can be something that our business-analysts can grasp very easily andoffer a wide range of insughts over data. Everything around the EC (Aggregation Pipeline as Export Config) is something that was a hinderance in way of businesses. We have removed that hinderence by Building KBET.

What's next for Kennect Business Excellence Tool,

With a declarative interface backed platform, we are planning to easily offer our composition services as drag-drop UI components so that the platform can scale for more clients and become self managable to clients very soon.

To try it out please drop me an email from verifiable mongodb domain and I will provide the credentials to login and try. Also the video preview has intro and demo as well. please watch it.


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