Long and stressful waiting times at the Doctor.

What it does

We allow the patient to easier diagnose a problem, and possibly avoid using up the doctors time, if the diagnose can be identified. In a situation where the diagnose is not clearly determined, we have created a booking system. The patient can select a date, and attach pictures to the booking, so the doctor already might have a diagnose ready, when the patient arrives.

How we built it

We have used react-native to build our website. We are using two APIs provided by Rakuten Rapid API. The first being symptom checker. This allows us to find possible symptoms based on a selected body part. The other API is SendGrid, which we use to send an email to the patient, confirming the consultation. We have used Cloudinary for storing our pictures, used in the emails and for the doctor to see.

Challenges we ran into

Finding a relevant third API, that supplements the other two. We did shortly implement the Microsoft text to speech API, but found it unnecessary at this stage. We want however, to implement it at a later point, to aid blind and other disabled people. This could be both talking as input, but also audio and speech as feedback.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have completed a well working prototype. Our concept is though through. Our design is nice and simple.

What we learned

Improved our knowledge of React. Improved our knowledge of APIs. Distribution of work tasks between our group members.

What's next for Kenkō

Integration of login, so we have the necessary information about patients, which could aid finding the diagnose. It would also require input fields for the user, as we already have the information stored. We would also like to have a selection of doctors, so we can offer consultations sooner.

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