There has always been a lack of understanding between certain patients and doctors. Especially for people suffering from alzheimers or depression, doctors have to assume how the paitnet may be feeling. This has become a GLOBAL PROBLEM for over 30% of psycholgists, physicians, and doctors.

What it does

Kenko aims to convert journal entries written into metrics that can be viewed by doctors realtime. This allows for doctors to make more careful, better and insightful decisions and treatmant plans for their patients

How we built it

Speech Recognition AI to detect a recorded entry Used several nltk toolkits + ml algorithm for sentiment analysis (100% accuracy) Used OCR --> Optical Character Recogntion to Upload the files Flask for the full backend and database Html Css Js for the frontend

Challenges we ran into

First time using Canvas JS was hard to use First time making a speech recognition model

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of creating a fully working app Being able to make the webapp work realtime

What's next for 健康 Kenkō

I would like to promote this in an old age center or home. This can have a great effect on many people, and would allow their healthcare providers to know how they feel accurately.

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