The Problem

The health tracking ecosystem is fragmented, even with lots of tools out there such as Apple's HealthKit and Google Fit. In addition, health tracking apps that are currently out in the marketplace are not insights driven, and have no actual actionable logic. Churn rates are high, and even with the knowledge that fitness devices actually help people stay more active and healthy, reports of up to 70% of all Fitbit users discontinuing their use of the product in less than 12 months exist.

The Solution

With Kenko, we'd like to create a greater incentive for people to continue using fitness devices, if the assumption that the use of fitness devices bettering people's lives is true. Think of us as for your health. We've created an application that takes integrates with Apple HealthKit to provide you with a simple number between 1 and 10 based on your sleep, exercise and diet. Toggle which of the three facets of your health are most important to you, and we weight those facets accordingly when calculating your score so that you can reach your goals quickly.

We plan to also expand upon our insights driven recommendation in the future.

Utility through simplicity!

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