We're a team of gamers who started out playing video games without anyone else to play with. Through this loneliness, we used regular in-game matchmaking services to help us find people to play with, but oftentimes, we didn't have the best experience with nor stay connected to the people we had as teammates. KeneK was born out of the idea that every gamer should have access to someone to play video games with that they can enjoy their gaming experiences!

What it does

KeneK is a teammate matching application for PvP console-based video games

Challenges we ran into

Shifting our focus from being a social media platform for gamers to a service for gamers! We needed to do more customer research, and afterwards, we realized that our value add to the gaming community was to be focused on teammate matching as opposed to being a social media platform.

What's next for KeneK

Launching our website and mobile application very soon!

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