Bots are everywhere. But the thing is they are boring and unappealing. A recent study says that though bots are effective at their job, user's find it unpleasant because of lack of life and monotonous UI.

We are aiming to change it.

What it does

Kendra, is a VR chatbot which answers user questions related to a product just like any other chatbot does but with one major difference..You can see Kendra, interact with her thus have a better experience

How I built it

We used blender, unity, photoshop and aws to create some low poly models and connected them on Unity and AWS engine.

Challenges I ran into

Syncing lip movements and eye movements was super hard. Integrating all the micro services had its own hurdles but we, as a team could come over it. Oops I forgot, Since we did everything on cloud, we had a lot of integrating issues while merging our works.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We could make a complete version of working bot which works with 13 micro services and could add youtube iFrame in VR which is completely new user experience. We could port it to iPhone successfully.

What I learned

It was a VR and Unity 101 for us.

What's next for Kendra

We hope to add some more functionalities in answering questions and we are pretty sure that we can make the VR experience a lot better on iPhone.

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