I have a power of attorney for my mother/father who has dementia and I want to give them the best care possible. I'm trying to sign and send these forms but the scanner is broke and mailing it takes too long. Every time I sign these and send them out there is an issue resulting in a long wait because there is not a streamlined process which makes me feel sad that my parents aren't getting their care in a timely matter.

What I built

  • Platform Independent Application for Kendal and Caretakers that can be run on ios, Android or on Web.
  • Registration Interface available to Kendal, where they can enter senior citizens details and their caretakers
  • Registration Interface for caretakers.
  • Kendal can select senior citizen, the signal they want to send (pdf document) and send it to caretakers via single click.
  • Caretakers can digitally sign the documents and send back to Kendal, thus fasten the complete process.

Challenges I ran into

  • Using Ionic Framework for the first time
  • Saving Digital sign in pdf was challenge
  • Converting the text and image in json and merging them in pdf.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

  • Ionic framework.
  • Lot about processing pdf file

What's next for Kendal

  • Integration with SharePoint
  • Facial Recognition for Authorization
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