How do we educate consumers on the role of chemical companies? -> To 1.5 degree challenge. We used the double diamond service design process.

What it does

It gives a new life for the wasted water. The water is collected from different sources and after purification it is bottled into recycled plastic waste bottles from local partners. The bottles are made into collectible items with radical slogans about the origin of the water. "You might have drank this water already". The bottles and the new refill stations with recycled waste water are good social media PR for Kemira. The target segment is the generation Z.

How we built it

We started by doing research about Kemira, competitors and the current situation of the climate change. After that we made questions to Kemira and collected all the information to Google Drive. In the DASH weekend the service design methods that we used were lotus blossom ideation method, voting for best ideas, affinity diagram and modified business model canvas to regenerate the idea and highlight the business idea for Kemira. At this point we had four different ideas that we presented to Kemira with Q&A and voting with individual votes, also including designer votes for our customers. We also used on Saturday morning retrospective to see what went well and what needs to be improved. After we had chosen the one idea to be developed further we had a long discussion about the subject and chose the final question to be answered and the final product.

After that we divided our team into different groups with different tasks. The tasks were to find the information of usage of water, to design the labels for the water bottles, and to make the story board. We made an elevator speech and discussed about the different slogans for our idea. We did customer testing with participants from other teams just to make sure that we are on a right path with our product.

On Sunday we put it all together, wrote down the pitch, made sketches and made the presentation. We also made some prototypes of the waste water bottles.

We were lucky with our customer company. Kemira team members were active and willing to guide us throughout the whole process.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was that we had a huge ball par, we could have done basically anything from here to moon. We needed to narrow down the question and what we wanted to do, and that took a lot of time. We had an international team, so there were also some challenges with the language.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Team spirit, the Kemira guys and the whole design work that we have done. We came out with a new product that no one has done before.

What we learned

About the water recycling and new service design methods. We all feel like the most we learned was about Kemira and their work. As a side learning we learned about teamwork, and also about that some teams were not working so well together.

What's next for Kemira Pallas

To win.

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