There are so many magical and invisible realities around us and inside us. Our lives are perpetual transfer of energy. The most sacred ingredient of our bodies, our blood, constantly brings nutrition, protection and heat around. In the intangible but pervasive and ever-present world of mathematics there is no single thing in the universe that can’t be described as a complex enough mathematical equation. With project Kelvin we unite those two realities on a mission to protect your and your family’s health by early diagnosis of highly-infectious diseases.

What it does

Kelvin is a platform for monitoring and early diagnosis of infectious diseases that have epidemic/pandemic character. It works via directly attached thermal camera to a mobile device (iOS, Android) that feeds image data to a mobile application with embedded image and medical analysis algorithms, allowing early diagnosis of individuals through analysis of personal thermal pictures and determination of periodic changes in it. Using a specialized algorithm to maximize the accurate assessment of the individual's current state and their respiratory system activity, Kelvin is used to determine the likelihood of a viral infection.

Our Goals

Kelvin utilizes advanced technologies to address the currently unfolding global crisis due to COVID-19. It can be used by individuals to efficiently monitor their health status (existence end development of infections) in home environment. The platform can also be used by infected patients to control the inflammation progress, send/receive data to GPs and make timely decisions for hospitalization. -> Provision of 24 hours personal protection of the population; -> Morbidity monitoring - number of newly registered cases, GPS location, patient somatic status data; -> Spread control; -> Control of quarantined regime; -> Monitoring the progress of the disease - stage, complications; -> Opportunity for daily check of health status - temperature changes, hemodynamics of the respiratory system, results of assigned therapy, database analysis; -> An automatic signal to government offices in detecting potentially sick or a carrier of the disease; -> Automated self-learning software (AI), with exceptional precision in result;

What's next for Kelvin Health

-> Extended clinical trials and compliance; -> Massive data collection and further improvement of AI accuracy; -> Identification of large-scale hardware suppliers; -> Refinement of business model and commercialisation strategy;

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