Kelvin - This is our approach and idea towards building a inexpensive device towards checking temperatures and getting the visitors data easily in one click without Contact ( Thus Better Social Distancing) We used to visit Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Centers and all but everywhere was one thing common, The watchman or the security personnel used to check our body temperature using a handgun which would cost anywhere between 1000-2000INR and this was a lot when compared with many number of hotels and other places. Also the security personnel used to take down our Name, Phone Number as a visitor entry along with our body temperature. This was a tedious task of writing everything down and then eventually converting it to a electronic form through PDF, Excel or google sheets. We canted to improvise on this task and make it easier as well as much safer for every user/visitor along with the security personnel across the country. Thus Kelvin was born.

What it does

  • Kelvin uses modern day IoT Hardware to cut down on hardware costs and use a mobile and web application to manage and get user data easily and in a more efficient way.
  • The watchman can point the IR Sensor towards the human and then a QR will show up on the watchman's mobile, then the visitor scans and authenticates through Google OAuth and ONLY his details like Name, Email and Phone Number will be fetched and once that's done, the application will logout itself.
  • The watchman can get up-to-date data regarding the visitors and download a report containing the user data through the app and share it with his superiors.

How we built it

This project was built across 4 stages,

  • Designing The App: The app was designed using Adobe Xd and the logo was designed using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Developing the Hardware: In this stage, we fixed upon the development board i.e. Raspberry Pi Zero, a push button and also an IR Temperature Sensor(MLX90614) Then we setup and connected the devices together and installed Raspbian OS along with other required tools. Once that was done, we started coding the devices and enabling it to send data to Google's Firestore.
  • Developing the Web Application: In this stage, we developed the visitor's end user application which would enable them to Authenticate with google and send the required data to the database which would then reflect in the app.
  • Developing the Mobile Application: In this stage, we developed an application to be used by the security personnel with support for viewing the visitors and downloading a report of it through the application itself.

Challenges we ran into

  • One of the main challenge we ran into was to setup the hardware device and code its functionality. We had a very difficult time in getting the sensor to communicate with the Board and send the data to Google's Firestore.
  • Routing the mobile application to communicate with the web application was another hurdle for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were able to successfully develop the hardware aspects of the device and the output exceeded our expectations.
  • We drastically improved the visitor management system through our application and it also promotes a better and contactless way to manage the data as well as visitors.

What we learned

  • How to setup communication between Raspberry Pi Zero and the MLX90614 sensor.
  • React Router Usage for our use cases.
  • Setting up Google OAuth and enabling the data to communicate with Mobile(Security Personnel) and Web(Visitor) Applications.

What's next for Kelvin

  • To 3D Print a case for the device.
  • If possible add support for other sensors and also add the respective feature in the mobile app.
  • To scale the product and if possible aim for mass-production.
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