As Drexel students, we noticed many people in Philadelphia are ordering takeout during the pandemic. Kelp is all about encouraging sustainable eating and providing options other than just salad. We noticed that Yelp often does not filter out vegan/vegetarian options/dining. We wanted a place where this process can be much more streamlined. Yelp also does not filter out for allergies. A plant-based diet automatically filters out dairy and seafood. Many plant-based restaurants also list out foods with gluten, and have plenty of gluten free options!

What it does

Kelp offers an interactive map and search feature to make it easy to search for local restaurants and cafes. There is a delicious array of food from many cuisines. If you are feeling healthy, Kelp has an plenty of healthy options. If you are craving fast food, Kelp has some delicious plant-based burgers that will leave you wanting more. Kelp also has an extensive list of cafes that offer non-dairy options.

How we built it

We built this web application in Angular (Typescript) on the Ionic Framework. The backend is in Firebase, and the client code communicates with Firebase through AngularFire with the RxJS library.

Challenges we ran into

RxJS is a pretty complicated library but after this project, we've learnt a lot about it and were able to use many of its library functions to good use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our interactive map and search feature. We have a designed a UI that is very visually appealing, that will encourage users to check out Kelp and crave some delicious plant-based food! We are also proud of our review feature that also allows uploading of images.

What we learned

We learned that everything takes time, and that reading documentation is extremely important.

What's next for Kelp

The next steps for Kelp is to expand our data set to include more restaurants. We are also looking to build a mobile app based on the existing codebase, as Ionic is suitable for both web and mobile development.

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