A lot of countries in Africa, Asia and some parts of America still struggle to meet up with local demand for processed energy products. Some of the counties like India and Nigeria have large populations that rely on private distributors for power. People who live in these regions have to visit gas stations to purchase different energy products such as kerosene, cooking gas, diesel, and petrol to enable them to access just a fraction of what the rest of the world have no problem with such as stable water supply, internet, and electricity.

In cities with millions of residents such as Lagos and Mumbai, thousands of consumers visit gas stations daily forming endless queues in a bid to purchase these products. Today, the struggle to lay hands on processed products is increased ten folds due to tightening movement restrictions as well as scarcity.

In these tough times, Inadequate access to energy products can make the situation a lot worst for these people as lack of access to products means there are no other ways to power home appliances for the purpose of food production as well as providing electricity and other basic amenities for families.

Due to these reasons and in a bid to simplify access for everyday consumers, there is a need for a platform that helps to improve distributions and provide end-users stress-free access to these products.

What it does

Our focus for this Hackathon is Africa and we are building an app to enable end-users in Lagos, Nigeria order to their homes processed oil and gas products including kerosine, gas, petrol, diesel and every other energy-related services and goods. Consumers can visit the app, choose their preferred energy product and it would be delivered to their home. The products will come from trusted partners and deliveries will be handled by verified persons. Keggo focus is on selected markets that do not have proper home distribution of gas and power supply.

How we will build it

For this hackathon, We have analyzed 1 market so far (Lagos, Nigeria) and understand how to solve the energy problems there.

We will be building a mobile app during the hackathon and a web portal to enable users to order energy products from different providers available and get it delivered to home.

We will attempt to onboard at least one energy product provider to supply us with the products for delivery.

We will attempt to find partners for deliveries.

We will test run final MVP with users, gather feedback and document challenges.

We will gather information on other markets and document possible solutions as well as plans on how to implement them.

Challenges I ran into

Each country/market does not have the same problems with energy. For the markets, we have analyzed (The ones specified above) we know this solution will work and have seen it in action in more traditional small scale ways. We are open to solutions for other markets.

We are aware of other ways to facilitate the ordering of products such as SMS to avoid the use of the internet Everyone who is old enough in the markets we have analyzed (at least 16+) has a mobile phone. For this hackathon, we have decided to go with an app as its easier to convince users who already make use of similar apps like Bolt and Uber to order some more online as a better way of access services than to convince new users.

The task of building multiple solutions for different markets is not an easy one hence we are pulling together our resources and requesting others who want to be a part of building something that matters to the everyday life of consumers at home.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are a small team of developers with experience building large, small and medium scale solutions.

Our members have participated in building startups both at hackathons and outside and are knowledgeable on how to get things going. Our members have success stories with other startups they have been a part of and they know very well the market we plan to lunch our first product in.

Currently, we are on a mission to help improve access to energy products for end-users around the world, a big task but we are taking the first step during this hackathon.

We have successfully analyzed Lagos, Nigeria's market so far and have come up with prototype designs for an idea that works there.

What I learned

During the past few days, we have received tremendous feedback from people and suggestions on how to improve the idea as well as suggestions for what works for other places.

What's next for Keggo

After the hackathon, we will develop the idea further and standardize decisions regarding supply and distribution with the platform.

With adequate funding, we will lunch this product within 3 - 6 weeks after the hackathon.

With the help of teams, we get during the hackathon, we will investigate other locations and make the preparation of what solution to provide there as well as see if keggo delivery solution can be reused for other markets around the world.

What do we accomplish with our idea:

  • We are creating employment for people who may have lost their jobs or need a different source of income in this period
  • We are assisting the people who need to access energy products for powering their homes during the lockdown by providing a platform that makes the process easier.
  • We are changing the way people access energy products in the cities we are targetting by digitizing consumer's access to the energy sectors in those countries.
  • We are open to switching to work track but we feel the idea is more suitable for the economy track.

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