Have you struggled with keeping track of your finances?

Learn how you spend, invest, and think about money with a simple to play Alexa game!

It is Family Guy meets Monopoly. Never been done idea!

What it does

Haunted houses, jealous neighbors, litigating kangaroos, little men from a chocolate factory, and a family guy trying his best to balance wealth and happiness for his family!

You live as the patriarch of a suburban American household, presented with an ever-expanding array of difficult choices. Make good choices and keep your family together as long as you can!

You can be part of oddball and funny situations that entertain you while also teaching you to be mindful of your personal financial habits. You also have to make some of the hardest decisions of your family life.

How we built it

We have made a fun and entertaining financial game that puts you in the shoes of a modern family going through some oddball situations.

The team has expertise in Alexa & Fintech. We are also super-users and enjoy both playing and making the game quite a bit. One of us has worked with sub-prime customers for over 3+ years and understand the mindset and the gameplay required to help them into a better situation.

Challenges we ran into

Creating different scenarios that are fun and quirky while revolving around the theme was the challenging part. Finding sound effects that complement them was also tricky.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Combining our expertise we built an Alexa based game that allows customers to make decisions based on a situation that has been read out to them. The gameplay is like:

• The person needs to take a yes or no decision.

• The decision causes their variables – namely happiness and wealth to change.

• User must keep both within a small range and cannot allow either to go too high or too low.

• Oddball and funny situations arise – kangaroos, visiting aliens, accidents, house flipping, and much more.

• The game has a lot in common with existing TV sitcoms like Family Guy or Simpsons.

• Background music gives a feeling of being on a radio or a TV show.

What I learned

All game makers are currently focused on non-financial games and all banks and financial institutions are not exploring light game-based interactions.

Our only failure can happen due to lack of popularity with end customers – we can persevere till customers love us.

What's next for Keeping Up

• Develop a marketing plan including promotion through the Facebook page, WhatsApp, and YouTube. • Identify possible partnerships to promote the game. • Get some promotional materials for the skill out on our social channels. • Talk to potential influencers for the promotion of the skill on their YouTube channels.

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