Child kidnapping has increased rapidly due to lack of proper tracking of school buses an example is the chibok girls that was kidnapped using their school bus of which after the incident 10,000 kids have been unable to attend school because of the safety risk according to wikipedia

What it does

our project monitors in real time the kids when they leave school ground till they get to their hoes and also tells the speed the vehicle is moving and

How I built it

It was built using particle as the microcontroller using C++ sending location data through the internet for the rea tie firebase and the firebase is deployed on the cloud and we visualized using google maps api

Challenges I ran into

getting to understand the node platform and trying to use slack for work

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we were able to make it work using particle given the short time we had to prepare

What I learned

we learnt how to communicate and work as a team remotely

What's next for Keepers

we plan to improve on our algorithm and get our project turned into a product for secondary school to deploy

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