As the world’s leading CRM company, salesforce is deeply entrenched in the B2B space. Marc Benioff on the state of the company “The Salesforce1 Platform has become the way customers can run their business from their phone! It is the only mobile-first, API-first, CRM platform that enables customers, partners and ISVs to build and deploy apps rapidly in the cloud. Today, customers can choose from thousands of business apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.”

Our team wanted to create a solution congruent to this picture and help “customers... run their business from their phone”. With two Finance/Accounting majors-turned-hackers, our team wanted to tackle a critical problem that most start-ups don't think about until it is too late -- financial statements.

Inspired by Zenefits' ingenious business model and product, we spent our weekend working on a way to make accounting a breeze and facilitate entrepreneur-investor relations.

We're happy to share Keeper with you. Handling bookkeeping entries automatically, our product can produce IPO-Grade Financial Statements. Investors (VC or otherwise) can pay to access this information, with a startup's permission. It's accounting made free and optimized for startups.

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