Even though social distance is invoked amidst the Corona crisis, we observed large gatherings of people congregating in grocery stores everywhere. We observed that asking customers to keep 6 ft. distance is not feasible due to the stores' layout and crowdedness. Focusing on solutions that can be implemented quickly and easily, we came up with two potential interventions: (1) Reducing the total nb. of customers in stores or (2) letting customers walk a one-way predefined path. With this submission we want to show how big of a risk the situation in grocery stores is today and that it could be easily mitigated.

What it does:

Comparing our two interventions to the status quo, we show that the nb. of times customers bump into each other could while doing groceries could be reduced by 50% to 90%. This makes a very strong case for a quick, national roll-out of these interventions.

How I built it:

We observed movement patterns of customers in a local grocery store. Using a self-built VBA tool, we translated these customer movements paths into coordinates that we then used to assess the proximity between customers. Based on this data set, we modeled the data for our interventions and ran the same calculation to assess the impact they have.

What I learned:

Visualizations are very effective in conveying the right message

What's next for Keep-your-distance!:

We proved that it works, now this needs to be implemented ASAP! We ask our mentors for their support and network to develop a quick and central implementation plan.

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