-2 million American truck drivers will be displaced by autonomous trucks by 2030, and they will be in disadvantage to find new jobs due to the limited skillset

What it does

  • Short term, matches cargo with trucks, and enables carriers to manage their fleet.
  • Long-Haul. When autonomous trucks are available it will also match trucks with local drivers to cater manual operation needs (urban area driving, off/load, terminal operation). This reduces the amount of hours truckers spend on the road. Improving their lifestyle, and enabling them to spend more time honing their skillset.

How I built it

-Front end with Sketch proto, backend node.js (used my existing platform, just pulled some data)

Challenges I ran into

-Understanding which parts of the operation will not be automated (at least not soon), and find a fit for drivers' skillset -Understand if drivers are aware of the impact of AI on their jobs, and if they are doing something to alleviate it -Understand main reasons that prevent drivers to up their game/skillset

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • called 16 truck drivers to help understand the above
  • find a product that would improve drivers lifestyle, and help them spend more time at home -Commercially viable. We can charge 15% of the service and share 7% with the driver, this would allow them to keep their average salary/hr

What I learned

  • Almost every conversation about AI mentions the jobs displacement it will bring, however, experts suggest that we should not worry, since the benefits will outweigh the risks and new jobs will be created. But no one mentions what kind of jobs or who is working on them, hopefully this is one of those.

What's next for Bego. Keep them truckin'

We will create a beta version of the app to match the same truck and route with multiple drivers along the route. We will release it to carriers so they can experiment with creating their own services. This will prove if drivers's lifestyle improves. In addition, it will also help to capture new customers to our company, since it is common that small to medium fleets do not have the systems to manage and measure their fleets efficiently.

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