There's so much information out there about covid that it's really hard to keep track of. We decided it would be great to keep the tabs on it, quite literally.

What it does

When you open a new tab in Puma Browser you get to see featured links with trusted resources covering COVID-19 situation.

How we built it

Puma Browser is our company so we wanted to focus on something we can ship over the weekend. It's native iOS and Android apps built using Swift, Kotlin and a bit of JS.

Challenges we ran into

Which sites to feature – we'd appreciate your input!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Shipped it!

What we learned

There's so much work towards fighting COVID that it's really inspiring!

What's next for Keep tabs open on COVID-19 w/ Puma Browser for iOS & Android

A bit more testing and shipping to production on iOS then quickly working on Android version. Then spreading the word about it – let us know what you think!

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