Do you like events? So do we! Do you like hearing about events? I suppose you do, don't you?

What it does

Keep Me Posted is a simple API designed to track interests for a userbase and provide endpoints for apps to retrieve events based on keywords and location. Keep Me Posted was designed specifically to be used with an SMS front-end, sending users updates about new events near them which match their interests, and giving users a simple and non-web-oriented way to keep track of their preferences and retrieve events that match their interests. However, the API is flexible and non-specific to be used by any application.

How I built it

Keep Me Posted is built as a Standard Library API, using the Eventful API in order to retrieve event information. It uses Firebase in order to keep track of user's preferences and interests.

Challenges I ran into

Although we never got around to the front-end, and focused on the API itself, we spent a fair amount of time getting the Twilio API to send and respond to messages. It's tricky, but it's worth the effort. In the end, we decided it made the most sense to separate the SMS front-end from the API, and we did not have enough time to get around to working on the front-end :bigsad:

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It (mostly) works! Aside from some complications near the end, we are proud with how functional the API is in the current state. That being said, we don't believe it's in a state where we should be hosting it :)

What I learned

API development using new tools such as firebase and twilio, understanding how to setup and create an API using Standard Library.

What's next for Keep Me Posted API

I don't know!

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