tl;dr -- keep it stupid simple, stupid.

This is a story
all about how our life got
flip-turned upside down
when we tried to come up with a fancy blockchain project for this Gotham DLT hackathon, but we overcomplicated things and had to scale down eventually, and now we have bits and pieces that we are unable to piece together.

What it does

ETH (or other Cryptocurrency) for Hackathon Prizes!

How I built it

Back-end: Ethereum/Solidity

Front-end: Javascript, tinkered around with REACT but when you don't know anything about REACT then you're in deep kimchi. HTML. CSS.

Challenges we ran into

New to blockchain.
New to developing front-end (especially REACT & truffle). Lost a team member.
Cookies were kind of stale. Still yummy, though. No such things as bad cookies.
Lost motivation.
Little sleep.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Made friends!
Have different front-end pieces!
Almost working blockchain!

What I learned

Learned about blockchain, solidity, contracts, REACT, front-end, etc.

What's next for Keep It Stupid Simple Stupid

Try hackathons again in the future!!!

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