We all like to get benefits when we buy something. That’s why all of us have plenty of fidelity cards for the shops we usually go to. To find an appropriate one in your handbag… Let’s say a minute? 5 minutes per week then… More than 4 hours per year! Spend them with your friends and family: Keep Cards application will give you the right one in a few seconds!

Your phone is always with you, so stop carrying a lot of useless plastic cards, just store them in a way you like in Keep Cards:

  • Create any categories/subcategories
  • Scan the barcode from a real card or get it from an e-mail/gallery/camera/…
  • Make a photo of the front side of the card for easy browsing later
  • Just checked-in for a flight or bought a ticket to an exhibition? Save the barcode from the ticket to Keep Cards with a use date entered and it will be on the top of the list when the day comes

While your handbag becomes lighter with Keep Cards, your life becomes easier: Keep Cards remembers where you have used each card and next time shows it to you in a particular category if you are nearby

And the best thing is that you don’t even need to take your phone out: with Samsung Gear everything is shown on your hand!

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