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Everyone wants to be a better version of himself, but it is not easy to motivate yourself to do so. It is always helpful to receive some kind of prize for your efforts, and this is the place, where Keener comes to the rescue.

What it does

Our application gives you an ability to challenge your friends. Every challenge consists of an amount of KIN you're willing to bet and a goal. Throughout challenges you are able to exchange messages between yourself and your challenger or contender, depending on who created a challenge. Every message can contain a gif, because is there any better way to motivate? We don’t think so, and we are sure that you think the same!

Whenever a contender receives a challenge, he can decide whether he wants to accept or reject it. If he accepts, he will have a certain amount of time to accomplish his challenge, which was set by the challenger. Every party is risking an equal amount of Kin for the challenge to be made. As time goes by, contender can either accomplish or forfeit the challenge. If the contender will decide that he is unable to accomplish his challenge, challenger receives all Kin from that challenge. In another case, challenger will have to agree, that challenge has been completed. If he agrees, contender will receive all Kin from that challenge. Challenger can also state, that in his opinion the challenge has not been completed, in such a case they both will receive their Kin back lowered by the penalty.

Each registered user gets small amount of KIN from us to begin with, then based on contact list, he or she is able to challenge someone that also has our application.

How we built it

Our ecosystem consists of various tools and systems, that are interacting with each other in order to provide a service that our users need. We can highlight Xamarin, Azure, MongoDB, Node.js and OneSignal.

Challenges we run into

The most time-consuming task we had to perform, was creating a Xamarin binding for Kin SDK. However, we have succeeded and were able to deliver our application.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We are proud that we were able to create Xamarin binding for Kin SDK and we could use it in our application. Whole process of creating the application was a wild ride itself, as we had really small amount of time considering that we needed to create xamarin bindings, application iself and custom backend.

What we learned

Amongst many things that we learned during this challenge, undoubtedly the blockchain is the area that we have gained the most knowledge, as neither member of our team has worked with it before.

What’s next for Keener

We plan to introduce group challenges and integration with social networks, in order to better connect users with their friends. We also want to implement better app discovery by social media via sharing, add some boosts to the challenges by rewarding users that use our applicaiton frequently by use of KIN that was obtained by the challeneges that had inconsistent results, and improve our chat messaging by adding sound for frequent challengers.

As we are using Xamarin, we are planning to release our application on Android & iOS shortly. We did not obtain the whitelist key for our app, so we are postponing the release, but be sure we will be on store before 28th of October.

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