KeenClickTracker (KCT)

A 'simple' email click tracker. Why? Because Tout can't do per link tracking & not everything justifies a MailChimp campaign. Also, I'm totally over open/read tracking pixels. I don't care if you read my email, I care if you clicked & converted.

KCT uses redirects from the data-collection API.


Add your API keys, project ID, and target event collection to main.js and then launch index.html.

Create a tracked link

  1. Define redirect URL (the link you want to track)
  2. Add optional secondary parameters (ip/geo-ip are automatically collected)
  3. Uncheck Test mode & click to Create tracking link
  4. Copy and paste, but don't click, the link into your email.

View activity report

Click Refresh link or wait for 2 min auto-refresh. Every click (even your own) will be recorded along with date & time, ip, and Keen's best guess for city/country.

Ideas for improvement

  • Create dropdowns/options for multiple collections so each user has their own collection.
  • Security?
  • Better styling & CSS cleanup
  • Mobile styles and/or responsive design
  • Expose more tracking parameters
  • Add more default tracking parameters
  • Sortable columns (implemented this earlier, but didn't like it)
  • Your feedback here.
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