Create an app where KDSP can record and maintain database of individuals with Down Syndrome & match up clients (children with down syndrome) with Therapists based on the their needs and available time. Also, having features to help families get assessed for financial aid through KDSP

Inspiration / Vision

  1. Admin Panel: For KDSP administrators a complete panel for managing overall system.
  2. Mobile Application: Mobile application for general public.
  3. Mobile Application (Therapist): Application for therapists to maintain their availability and manage their sessions with clients

How we built it

We have prepared our idea as a scalable solution which will span over time could easily be improve feature by feature with according to the feedbacks.

  • UI/UX : Figma
  • Web Frontend: ReactJS, Redux
    • Mobile Frontend: Flutter
    • Backends: NodeJS
    • Database: PostgreSQL

Challenges we ran into

To brainstorm and propose valuable solution for a massive problem in very short span of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have given a robust solution for the KSDP problem as well as developed a prototypal mobile application and a mock of Admin Panel.

What's next for KDSP - Karachi Down Syndrome Program

Now since we have proposed the solution, If we have given the opportunity to work on the solution, We would like to build it for real and would love to help KDSP to the very extend of ours including the donation of our solution in the form of software.

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