_ “I came from Bratislava and I wanted to vote in elections, but I couldn’t figure out where is the nearest election place. Also, several mentors had the same problem, so we decided to it.” _ Martin Pogadl - teamleader from KdeVolit app development crew.

What it does

It simply helps people with a particular problem during the election period. KdeVolit app will help you navigate to the right district, but also inform you about current candidates.

How we built it

After a long decision-making and discussions between 4 different very nice ideas, we bitten into the problem that ordinary people faced in regular election periods. We run through the data research, user story and finally and luckily got to the functional prototype of web app.

Challenges we ran into

HackKošice is the first hacking experience for whole team, that was a bit challenging find own innovative idea, project management, also one member developed skills in Java script.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made incredible teamwork despite the fact, that we didn't know each other before HackKošice hackathon. We ran through hard task thanks to good mood.

What we learned

Patience during collecting data from self-goverment websites to right form. Idea of project is very important, but thinking so much is also problem :)

What's next for

We would like add platform for officers to comunicate important info about elections. This project is also next step to digitalisation our country. In the future it has potential to became common known platform informing whole information about election process. Thats why, we would like to offer this open source project to the companies that have similarly goal like us.

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