Inspiration : We all gelled with the idea of working on the green track.

The most creative part about this software solution is creating a convenient way for the customer to help with peak load shaving, without them needing to change any of their habits

How we built it : by collaborating on the algorithm for determining the charging schedule. We researched heuristics that would influence the algorithm.

Challenges we ran into : since there is so much you can do in this space, we frequently ran into over-complicating the work and it was challenging to focus on the prototype MVP . we struggled with some bugs while integrating the back-end and front end work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of : we have a working prototype, a great front end and a well fleshed out and partially validated idea.

What we learned : there are many great APIs in the market, that can make our work easier. SmartCar API is one such example. There was lot of learning through collaboration and cross communication between the industry experts and the developers.

What's next for KDCY : we are planning to talk to the utility companies and other customers to get some testing data as well as for doing some market validation. We are also excited to implement some Machine Learning algorithms to this space, which could really help with the predicted analysis that we are planning.

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