Purpose/Idea of program: • Target market is students (especially KCL students during wellbeing week) • Use the app once a day to track your wellbeing

4 main sections:

  1. Mood:
  2. Once a day, submit how you are feeling, using emojis
  3. App will give advice (in pop-up boxes) depending on your mood
  4. In the future, if the user selected ‘Very Happy’, then the user could have the option to open social media to post a picture of their great day or talk about it
  • In the future, if the user selected ‘Very Happy’, the user could have the option to
  • Activity:
  • User inputs what exercises they have done during the day and for how long
  • It is used to give the user an overview of the exercise that they have done recently

In the future, we could link the data to ‘King’s Be Active’ and wearables like FitBits

  • Useful as doing a good amount of exercise has been linked to having good wellbeing
  • Food:
  • User inputs the total amount of water and fruit they have eaten in a day
  • Helps user to think about this & students may be busy thinking about work too much
  • Study:
  • Good to remember to take a break now and then
  • A countdown till the user’s next break
  • In the future, the user can choose a song to be played at the end of the countdown/study session, therefore encouraging the user to take a break (for well being)

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