What is Kaya ?

Kaya is a simply and intuitive app for happiness of yours pets. With Kaya you know when he's hungry or thirty, if he sleep or if he's playing lonely at home (Maybe is suspect ?). Obviously you have an indicator of how he's feel !

What is a wunderbar ?

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The WunderBar is built for software developers. It is a powerful fast prototyping and product development tool that enables developers to immediately start creating products and solutions that utilise the Cloud , without any prior hardware knowledge. No soldering or electronic engineering experience is needed. Just choose what sensors you need for your project and start coding with the dedicated api.

How it works

With the light and accelerator sensor we can check the state of the pet's bowl and the activity of our pets. (For the moment)

What we learned

We learned to use the relayr's api for wunderbar with Node Js and discover a way to make wep-app

What's next for Kaya

We think they apps and connected-objects in reference to pet carefully are going on quickly, cause pets have increasingly their importances in our lives.

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