Our group was inspired by our own personal experiences in the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus has changed our way of life dramatically. Now, we have to be more careful in public spaces and follow safety guidelines to help protect ourselves and others. Masks have become essential! PPE Kits, gloves, respirators, and face shields have all become necessary tools in this fight against COVID. We wanted to create a project to help underfunded schools, hospitals, and neighborhoods receive the necessary aid and supplies.

What it does

Kawsay aims to provide a platform that links schools and hospitals with donors that can provide them with COVID-19 essentials such as PPE Kits and masks. Our primary focus is on providing low-income schools, hospitals, and neighborhoods with the supplies necessary to overcome this pandemic.

How we built it

The languages we used to build the website were mostly HTML and CSS. We also used JavaScript and Bootstrap to make the chatbot and animations on our website. We built it using the IDE.

Challenges we ran into

A lot of us were quite new to coding and so small errors often went unnoticed. Debugging took a while and so did making the website responsive across all devices. However, looking back, we are very satisfied with our improvement as programmers and we feel that we have acquired numerous new skills for future hackathons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a website that is so crucial to the present-case scenario. We believe our website has a huge potential to save and impact lives simply because obtaining the necessary supplies is one of the most important, yet toughest task out there, and Kawsay aims to make it a mere 5-minute job. We are also extremely happy with the aesthetics of the website.

What we learned

As individuals and as a team, we all learned a lot about programming. We learned new commands in HTML, new properties in CSS, and became more familiar with the JS language. We also learned about flask and pyrebase modules in python, using an integrated system which incorporates python, firebase database and html templates.

What's next for Kawsay

Our vision for Kawsay is to expand its services first nationally and then globally. Our ultimate goal is to provide help to as many as possible.

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