We were initially drawn to the Thalmic Myo because it is a unique way to interact with devices. The EMG technology behind it also interested some of the members because of their experiences in other biosensing research.

Using the Myo, a team of data scientists, electrical engineers, and a high school student created a revolutionary way to redefine how selfies are created. By simply holding up a peace sign, the connected Mac takes a picture. Included in this app, are gestures to upload, decorate, or delete your photo. Rest assured, the results are super kawaii!

The idea came from a love of selfies and convenience. We wanted to revolutionize the landscape of selfie technology.

We believe creatives who love selfies to be the first set of adopters, but anticipate a larger following soon after. We also plan to distribute an iOS app once the iOS API for Myo is available.

We are most proud of utilizing the provided data through the Myo's API to create the peace sign gesture. Additionally, we are proud of using applescript to control the Photo Booth application.

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