Keurig is very convenient but they dont come with automatic on time or any automated functionality what so ever. I wanted to be able to wake up and push a button on my phone and have it make coffee for me

What it does

Through serial, an arduino controls the functionality of a Keurig. I hacked in to the board of the Keurig to read the state of the machine to control the options.

How I built it

I ripped apart my Keurig and wired things to it.

Challenges I ran into

I started a little late so I was unable to build an automated K-cup loader. I also didn't have time to set up any server functionality to control it remotely.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I now have a Keurig hooked up to a mega with a more or less functional protocol to control the Keurig. All I need to do now is develop a system to write serial to the mega and I can have a remotely operated Keurig.

What I learned

I learned that its exciting and difficult to rip apart your favorite appliances, and that certain aspects of a project take substantially longer then you expect while other aspects you expected to go quickly can actually hold you up for a majority of the time.

What's next for Kauto

I plan to finish the serial library in the mega to give it a more robust k-operating system. I plan to hook this up to some sort of remote interface like a server off a raspberry pi to sent serial to the mega to control the keurig. The whole reason I decided to take this project on was so I could wake up in the morning hit a button on my phone and walk down stairs to hot coffee and Im for that to happen. I also want to start the automatic coffee pod k-cup loader this whole project was originally based off of, and an automatic cup swapper so I can automatically sense if the cup im trying to fill is already full which would be very problematic.

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