Have you ever found yourself struggling to decide what to eat for dinner? We have and we decided to make our lives easier and simpler by letting Kater decide. Kater is an app that uses your preferences to carefully select meals that you would enjoy and deliver them straight to your doorstep with the Postmates delivery platform. Our idea was inspired by interesting developments in the food space with startups like Soylent. We liked the time saving aspect of the product but found the taste quite unsatisfactory. Thus, we wanted just as simple of an experience with actual food made by actual restaurants.

Kater is able to understand and distinguish your preferences. We use language and semantic analysis to make sure that every meal meets your culinary, dietary, and budgetary requirements. We also strived to make the user experience as simple as possible. In order to generate the actual meals, we use a variety of data points including Yelp ratings, proximity, reviews, and price.

Kater, powered by Postmates delivery platform, expands your food options - many restaurants are accessible regardless of whether or not they offers delivery or are within pickup distance. By limiting distance/delivery as factors, our recommendation platform is able to serve you with the best options for your meals, hassle-free.

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