Have you ever crammed for an exam the night before? Of course you have. So have we. This application was inspired by the caffeine-filled all nighters we've pulled throughout our years in University. Katchup is an application to help you... well, catch up! Use Katchup to speed through lectures and only watch the content that you're interested in.

What it does

Katchup allows you to search through #topics within a video.

For example, you're cramming for your COMP202 course and you can't seem to figure out what arrays do. Go through all your lectures and type '#arrays' in the search bar, and let Ketchup filter through the videos and give you only the segments of the video where arrays are mentioned.

What's next for Katchup

Text summarization - let us summarize the entire lecture for you! Learn key topics at a glance.
Commenting feature - you can collaborate with other students Video annotations

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