In times of natural disaster, many people end up lost, afraid, with little idea of best ideas of where to go. Applications like Ways allows everyone to acquire knowledge on where to go, and help people optimize plans out. Our goal is to empower people who are experiencing the worst times of their life.

What it does

It allows for users to contribute to a location based information system specialized for times of disaster. Kalamity will allow people to plan, and inform others of their positions and positions of points of interest.

How we built it

Android studio, with the help of caffeine

Challenges we ran into

No one on our team has experience with any mobile development, therefore there was a large learning curve. Specifically using Bluetooth inside Android was proving difficult to implement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to allow users to upload information to Cloud databases and display their information on a interactive map.

What we learned

We learned to use Android Studio and to overcome the difficulties associated with jumping in with no former experience.

What's next for Kalamity

Fixing and implementing the idea of a distributed database based on Bluetooth to allow users to stay informed with out service.

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