For the drinking game Kastenlauf you normaly need a lot of people. Each team consists of at least four people and your need minimum two teams. Beacause of this is often not possible to join in this fun competition because of to much organising.

What it does

With our app it's possible to play with four friends in a team against all the other teams in the city.

You just click one start button and the rest is calculated in the background:

  • Based on your location and the location of the other teams we calculate a unique meeting point
  • 30 minutes before the game you get the location of the startpoint and the route to it
  • Right on time you get the target coordinates and the route to it

You habe a fun time with your friend and meet new drinking buddys in the end.

And the best: It has pixel graphics :D

How we built it

We devided in four different sections:

  • Frontend (L1am0) _ We strictly divided in to MVC concept and it helped me a lot for the frontend. I am still learning android development and this project was a headstart for me to make my future apps look cool :D _
  • Android Backend
  • Server
  • Math genious <- Working out the triangulation pathfinding algorithm

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a algorithm for the pathfinding for that we could not find a API we think we are one of the first to solve (or ran into) this problem :D

What we learned

We learned a lot about the pain of android programming. We had a different error on different confusing.

Sometimes it's better to step back and try to have another look or get help: After three hours of calculations and anger we got a tipp for our problem and it was solved in six lines of code _

What's next for Kastenlauf

We hope to get the App more stable and are able to ship until mid may. Features we are planing to implement:

  • Scoreboard
  • Freemium finanzing modell

Sorry no Github Link. We got API codes in there, so we keep it private

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