The world is full of beliefs, assumptions and misbeliefs. We're facing in the store floor a myriad of different customers without a better knowledge of their true needs. We have an imminent need for a tool/helper for datadriven customer understanding for the sales personnel to understand the customer.

What it does

KASTE helps sales clerks to understand and serve the customers, hence get more deal and better conversion. KASTE motivates both the customer and personnel.

How we built it

We summed up our own experiences and tried to simulate the real day-to-day situations of the sales clerks life and how we would enhance it. We understood the the path of assumptions and beliefs is not the right way, we need data driven knowledge to aggregate the sales floor actions. We also were convinced of the fact, that sales should be closed when they can be closed, and not let the customer to "rethink or wonder".

We did some quick concepting work, a few wireframes, and then straigh forward coding using the data provided by APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Time was the major limiting factor, we started working and brainstorming the Friday evening, and some extra hours/days would have been beneficial :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe that we have a working prototype which is reasonably visionary and also doable NOW. We also think that it's also very scaleable, the framework has the ability to add many features in iteration cycles, we have a lot of ideas to enchance this service further.

What we learned

An agile team can really produce, when there's a pool of true knowledge of commerce, sales, customer, UX etc.

What's next for KASTE


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