It all starter with one of our group members standing at the platforms station and wishing to be able to make better use of the time for the commute, for example running home from work instead of taking the train every day.

There was one small incoveniente this person was loded with belongings, the work laptop, folders for a presentation on the next day, briedcase, lunch box...well you see what my point is!!! Additionally if this person was to go for a run where could this person leave the office attire?

Wouldn't it be wonderfull if this person could dropp the belongings in one station and pick it up in another, while enjoying a jog after a stressfull day?

And this is how the idea was born.

What it does

A person driop his/her belongings in one station and they area automatically transported to the selected station, avoiding this person having to carry the shopping bags or belongings from point A to point B. Providing with the oportunity of doing other activities on their way home

How we built it

We did the front end and back end development of our prototype using DjangoFramework andBootstrap4. For the machine learning part we utilized Keras on top of Tensor flow to train an image recognision neural network model and used coins as our token image dataset

Challenges we ran into

  • Code Validation
  • Logistics of the internal process
  • How to explain the proposal in an easy manner.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Having a properly running code made fromo scratch in such a short time. -The manner in which we could be inclusive with everyone s ideas. -How we could upscale the idea from the inspiration to the final idea -The many application that programm can have depending on the feedback you input. (Very flexible programm)

What we learned

-With creativy and broad minset it is easier to include everyone s ideas.

-Group work and constant communication are key.

What's next for KASPER

  • Upscaling to Big Furnitura Shops (such as Nitori and have the shopped items send by train, diminishing the traffeic as well as the environmental impact through CO2) -Utilizing the same software to other bussines model that require a different data set for their identification.

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