We were inspired by the game Neko Atsume with its clean gameplay and cute characters. We wanted to use this type of appeal in our own app, and leverage this to encourage young girls to learn the importance of budgeting and financial literacy from a young age.

What it does

KashKitty is a unique gamified budgeting app that helps you save money while taking care of your adorable kitties! Set a monthly budget for yourself and track your spending. If you exceed your budget, your cats will be unhappy and run away. If you stay within your budget, more cats might come visit! Take a closer look at your spending habits by monitoring your daily transactions and their magnitudes to keep your cats and your wallet in good shape.

How I built it

We created the mockup for the UI design using Figma and developed the app using React Native. The backgrounds and kittens were digitally drawn by Rachel.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge that we ran into was finding a "bottom sheet" component that we could use in order to be able to swipe up to see a list of transactions. Camila had to try three components until she found one that suit the app's needs. In addition, there were some issues getting the locally stored transactions to appear and for the budget bar to update whenever a new transaction as added. When using async storage, we sometimes ran into issues with promises and data being undefined when we fetch it the first time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The design of the app came out beautifully, as well as all the different kittens! We're super proud of the UI of this app. We also accomplished adding the appearance and disappearances of kitties depending on the user's transactions, so the app feels much more interactive than a regular budgeting app.

What we learned

We learned that as programmers and designers, it can sometimes be difficult to translate our mediums to each other. For example, a designer may create a mockup that they believe to be simplistic, yet it could be very challenging for the developer to implement it. Communication is key when it comes to working in diverse groups of individuals! In addition, some of us got to experience using React/React Native for the very first time.

What's next for KashKitty

We had so many ideas for KashKitty and we couldn't implement them all due to the tight timeframe. We wanted to include a kitty book with details on every kitten and their personalities. We also wanted to add more interactivity to the kittens by letting them move and hearing a 'meow' ever so often. We also hoped to integrate a banking API so that users could connect their banks to KashKitty and wouldn't have to manually add their transactions all the time. We also thought it would be neat to include a rewards system to benefit users that saved money by giving them KashKitty currency which will allow them to buy toys for their kittens from a marketplace.

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