Claims that notes and coins could spread coronavirus and the payment process of Wechat Pay inspired me to create Kash

What it does

Kash helps consumers to make Contactless, Hygienic, and Secure payments without entering a PIN at the payment terminal

How I built it

I partnered with a fintech as a servive company to provide an electronic wallet API to stay in line with the regulatory requirements. I built the AI bot flows with Chatfuel, a bot authoring platform. I used javascript programs to generate time based OTPs, convert them to QR codes, host them and display them to bot subscribers.

Challenges I ran into

Money to pay for a few web services in USD

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I single handedly built this solution

What I learned

To be patient and resourceful

What's next for Kash

Launching and breaking int o the market as the fear of the Corona Virus persists

Built With

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