Inspiration We found the Idea behind the challenge really very interesting, as time is an important asset and most of the people face difficulties with fitting in segmented parts of their schedule, due to different reasons such as limited time constraints, lack of information on related events or most relevant tools in the market. So, we thought why not come up with a platform that fills these gaps and meet their needs.

What it does It is an online personalised event search platform that quickly provides events nearby with AI-powered insights and event recommendations.

How we built it: We used NodeJS for backend, react for front end and used static json files of data and Google API for maps to create a full web based framework.

Challenges we ran into We were all experimenting with the tech stacks used for the first time, so we had to start from scratch and time management was the key issue. Besides, data fetching, rendering static JSON files, appropriating function calls in React, time constraints to implement the use cases as planned

Accomplishments that we're proud of : An as expected web framework that we were able to deliver for this product.

What we learned We learned more on NodeJS, React, and also the need of being flexible of the tech stacks or ideas we used. Also, we realised how much each team member complemented one another and that a strong team spirit is always required.

What's next for Karyatalash. ML-powered event recommendations!, Personalised & automated individuals interventions, Optimise individual-provider encounters.

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